Naked Ballet Exercises 3 (Naked Yoga School) [HD]


Uploaded on April 02, 2013 by Naked Yoga
Level: Intermediate)

Building upon tendus, we will add a new movement- degage, which means to disengage. This is a tendu where the toes leave the floor, as opposed to a tendu where the working leg stays in contact with the floor at all times. We will also build upon plies, or a bend of the knees, and go over releve and eleve exercises. As with the last set of exercises, it is advised to have a chair, barre, or other surface to use as support, and to check posture in a full-length mirror if available. As always, the focus of these exercises is to gradually build strength, balance, and turn-out; work within your comfort zone, making sure you are doing the movements properly, and always stopping if anything feels wrong or painful to avoid injury.

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