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Uploaded on April 05, 2013 by hellisfree

Do you play SWTOR and wany you to get items from Store for free? Just download the Cartel Coins Generator from http://edenhack.com/index.php/370/cartel-coins-generator-the-best-swtor-hack/

It's undetectable tool to generating free Cartel Coins. It uses unique way to bypass EA secure system, so you'll never get bans. With this program you can get a lot of free Cartel Coins and use them in in-game Store to buy:
- items like armors, weapons
- upgrade to Preferred Status
- get more chances to fight against Subscription Players

How to get free Cartel Coins by using SWTOR hack:
1) Download it from from EdenHack.com
2) Open and run the generator
3) Check available updates
4) Log in to your account and type how many points you want
(max. 5500 in one time)
5) Generate Cartel Coins and buy something for free!

So it's very simple. It works on all US, EU, Asia servers

With the Cartel Coins hack you could get a lot of items from Store for free and play the SWTOR more effectivly - "be the leader on the server" as our friend said.

Direct download: http://edenhack.com/index.php/swtor/ref/download

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