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Uploaded on April 09, 2013 by melcqe1
I was confronted with the change to the new Channel art that Youtube offered me & although the recommendation was to get it made by a professional, I found a way to create my own quickly with what I had at hand – my own pictures, Word document, Microsoft Paint & a free capture programme called Jing.
Here’s what it looks like on my Youtube Channel & I’ll go through the steps I used so that you can adapt my method to your liking using your arrangement of pictures & text.
Initially I had to work out how to get my row of pictures with my brief text into the centre of the art & that had to be 2120 x 1192 pixels minimum – other wise it wouldn’t load into Youtube edit box at all.
1 : Open Microsoft Word or similar programme & insert 3 pictures in the middle of the page, resizing them to suit. – notice a space at the right side where I can put text.
2 : Open a 2nd Word Document. Move the rulers out of the way. In the top corner, type, format & colour the text with URL so that it takes about the same space as the photos.
3 : Then use Jing to capture & save it as an image to perhaps Desktop or Pictures
4 : Insert it into your Word document
5 : Use Jing to Capture the whole of your Word document page with your pictures & text in the middle – save it to Desktop or Pictures where you’ll find it for uploading to Youtube when you go to your Channel & see “Click here to get the new design” – Get Started – Add Channel Art
6 : Select that saved capture & upload it – there it appears with space for the Channel photo on the left side
7 : The Edit tab dropdown box has 2 options – for the editing of the Channel Art & the clickable link seen on the right side of the Channel Art where there’s still space which can be made use of.
8 : There are several other things to attend to shown in another box on the right side –
Channel Icon etc – these might be the subject of another video perhaps.
9: Trust this demonstration helps you to get your Channel Art managed with your own pictures & photos -

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