How To Get Fl Studio 10 Producer Edition for Free


Uploaded on April 10, 2013 by DarkEliteSoft

Download Fl Studio 10 Producer Edition Cracker v1.3 here:
---- Keep on reading for installation details and more -----

► Available for Mac OSx - CrossOver

This is also available for Mac OSx, a program called CrossOver makes it possible to run Windows applications on a mac. The software is free, and you can download it below:

► Instructions, step by step.

Please follow these instructions, in order to do everything correctly.

1. Download the FL Studio Cracker from the link above.

2. Click on the - Download Setup - button on the program.

3. Choose which server you would like to download from, and choose destination folder.

4. After you downloaded the Setup file, install FL Studio 10.

5. DO NOT run FL Studio 10 after the installation is finished.

6. Now go back to the Fl Studio Cracker, and select the FL Studio Path where you've installed Fl Studio 10.

7. Now click on the - Patch Files - button.

8. And if the files have been patched correctly, you will have the FL Studio 10 Producer Edition!

► What files does the Cracker patch?

Here is a list of the files that the FL Studio Cracker is patching.

1. FLEngine.dll (Activates Producer Edition)
2. Directwave (Sound bundle plugin)
3. Drumaxx (Sound bundle plugin)
4. Drumpad (Sound bundle plugin)
5. Hardcore (Sound bundle plugin)
6. Newtone (Sound bundle plugin)
7. Patcher (Sound bundle plugin)
8. Pitcher (Sound bundle plugin)
9. PoiZone (Sound bundle plugin)
10. Sakura (Sound bundle plugin)
11. Sawer (Sound bundle plugin)
12. Toxic_Biohazard (Sound bundle plugin)

► Compatible platforms: (32-64 Bit)

Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows Vista

► .NET Framework 4 is Required!

Please note that you'll MUST have .NET Framework 4 installed on your computer for this FL Studio Cracker to work. If you do not have .NET Framework 4 yet, please click the link below to download it.

.NET Framework 4 Download:

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