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Uploaded on January 09, 2008 by formail

Ok folks, remember that cool web camera from Logitech that has an "avatar and accessory" feature that maps characters and objects on human faces real time? (Video here). Well, our interest was in the files, which seem like they're moddable - so far we were able to view the XML files and "see" the JPEGs used, but not change them quite yet. Logitech, for some reason doesn't seem to want to let folks make their own - article here. That's OK, we understand their reasons. So, instead of waiting for a custom avatar or accessory maker from them, we're offering up a reward - help us make some custom ones and get a year of MAKE or any item from the MAKE store.

Just download one of the avatars (like this Skull pirate) or this Beer can hat and start poking - On Mac OS X I renamed them .zip, unstuffed and was able to few the XML files, the images, I'm going to try some other apps and also a hexeditor to see what's in them. On PCs, some Makers have reported that they're just .cab files.

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