New 2013 Hack- the Simpsons Springfield-TAPPED OUT 100% Dount...


Uploaded on April 16, 2013 by kaitlynpatrick

Nuevo hack los simpsons springfield TAPPED OUT donas infinitas
New Hack THE simpsons springfield Tapped out dount infinite
Hack los simpsons springfield
Download link free:

Simpson Tapped Out 4.1.5
This hack is the same like before so follow the step enjoy ldone (From cydia)
iFile (From Cydia)
MobileTerminal (From Cydia)

1) Delete, reinstall the app on 4.1.5 and make the in-game update!
2) Close the game (this includes from the multitasking bar)
3) Unzip the file and move it to: var/mobile
4) Rename the file "Tapped Out" as "Tapped"
5) Open MobileTerminal and write these commands:
a) su(enter)
b) password: alpine
c) ldone Tapped -s(return)
d) chmod 775 Tapped(return)
e) killall -9 SpringBoard(return)
6) After ur device respring go to: var/mobile and rename the file again as "Tapped Out"
7) Cut the file and paste it in var/Mobile/Applications/Tapped Out/Tapped Out Release
8) After pasting it, reboot and add me mmcpherson8
Any questions hit me up add me and subscribe Thanks for watching
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