How To Breed PETROLEUM DRAGON in Dragon City NEW


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The Petroleum Dragon can not be bred directly from basic dragons. Instead hybrid dragons have to be used at the Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree. All possible combinations which may lead to a Petroleum Dragon Egg can be found in the Breeding chart.
In the interest of simplicity and remore the need to make any more additions, here are all of the Water Hybrids on one side and all the Dark Hybrids on the other side. You may additionally breed a Water Dragon with anything on the right list and a Dark Dragon with anything on the left list, but not Water with Dark directly.

Water Dark
Nenufar Dragon Penguin Dragon
Storm Dragon Neon Dragon
Blizzard Dragon Zombie Dragon
Mercury Dragon Hedgehog Dragon
Icecube Dragon Vampire Dragon
Coral Dragon Rattlesnake Dragon

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