Are You Ready? (Revised Version!)

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Uploaded on January 12, 2008 by Mafiaruss

This is a film about 2012 Pole Shift, Nibiru, The Anunnaki, Giants/Nephilim/ Fallen ones, and UFOs. If you scare very easy do not view. However, I posted this so that anyone who views it shall know what is to come and be ready to live through it! I did not post this to scare people, but to let people know about it. Comments that are mean, hateful, or in bad taste will be deleted, please rate as well. Thank you!

NOTE: I know there are at least two typos in my video, please do not mind this friends. I do not spell the greatest, but I try!

2012, Pole, Shift, Nibiru, Anunnaki, Giants, Nephilim, Fallen, Angels, Demons, UFO, Aliens, Are, You, Ready, Truth, Andros, Enigma, Science & Tech
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