(4/2013)(UPDATED) Aeria Points Generator (WORKING) (Virus-Free)


Uploaded on April 25, 2013 by minhanh16

Aeria Points Generator 2013 Visit my site to download http://aeriapointsgen.blogspot.com/
Virus scan https://www.virustotal.com/vi/file/b7c2960c6f196ea4503bd76dcef8206286e54c0fc5e74e4eaa65bb0d35d37be4/analysis/1366869090/

Step 1) You must click on the egg button bellow to share and continue step 2

Step 2) Download Aeria Points Generator
Step 3) Use Winrar to extract it.
Step 4) Run file .exe and add username,number of aeria points you need
Step 5) Now sign in your username in site aeria games and see your points

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