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Robot Rising puts you in charge of a high tech manufacturing and repair facility sometime after a Terminator-esque
mechanical apocalypse. Though the robots have won, a “genesis event” has brought online a friendly AI who would
like you to help her start fighting back. Doing that means acquiring more resources to upgrade the intrepid combat
bot you start out with, and that entails teleporting into the robot complexes and taking them by force.
I didn't come up with the Diablo comparison myself, but it's obvious once you see the similar perspective and
realize that this is an action-RPG dungeon crawler, albeit with a futuristic twist. Guiding your robot from the
entry portal to the exit is easy enough, as the path is clearly marked. But to make sure you obtain the highest
quantities of the game's three resources (Alloys, Polymers and Conductors), you'll have to venture off the path and
explore every room. Expect quite a bit of robotic resistance when you do.


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