Yoga - Quick Breathing Warm Up Routine

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Uploaded on January 18, 2008 by Audio Yoga

Here is an energizing, quick routine to kick start your breathing. Great at the start of the day or to boost your energy during the day and an essential start to any workout.

Uses Abdominal Lifts, (to loosen and strengthen abdominal breathing muscles); Simple Side Bend ,(to loosen and strengthen the obliques, (the muscles at the sides of your chest) and to loosen neck and shoulders); and Butterfly Breathing, (to loosen neck and shoulders and to kick start full, effective breathing).

We recommend you learn these poses individually before doing the routine. We have detailed instruction on them in our other videos and on our website,, where we also have warnings about yoga, which you should read before you begin. Also, do not do the Abdominal Lifts if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant.

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