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We have new animated Dragon Ball Z, and whose title is "Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods", is translated in Spanish, "Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods". The completion of the new film Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama creator participates, with a dash of Y? Suke Watanabe (Gantz) and address Masahiro Hosoda .

The story is set several years after the battle against Majin Buu. Birusu, the God of Destruction, which has maintained the balance of the universe, awakening from a long sleep. Hearing rumors of a Saiyan who defeated Frieza, Goku comes looking Birusu. Excited because a powerful opponent appeared after long, Goku ignores the advice of King Kaio Sama Birusu challenges in combat. However, Goku is no match for the overwhelming power and is defeated. Thus Birusu away after sending an ominous message: Is there anyone on earth more worthy of destruction?, Can Goku and the rest of God's power to stop the destruction?

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