The Venus Butterfly Vibrator Technique Demonstration Video [18+]


Uploaded on May 15, 2013 by JackGaryStories...

Before the Rabbits, first, there were the butterflies. In this video, Jack Gary’s girl demonstrates the Original Venus Butterfly Vibrator technique. Apparently, this Butterfly Vibrato has some unique functionality that other vibrators don’t have. The Venus Butterfly can be easily be identified by its pink straps. The adjustable straps enable the Venus Butterfly to fit in any size women. This is a super handy toy either you play with it all by yourself or together with your partner. You can even wear this on anywhere without being noticed. The jelly-like material makes the Venus Butterfly compatible with most lubes.

The Venus Butterfly is perfectly created to tease a woman’s clit even when on the go. The wired remote control will make it sure that you can easily switch back and forth between vibration levels. And if you are in to some kind of a mind play game technique then you can have your partner take control and tease you over; switching the remote randomly.

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