Latest Working Battlefield 3 Hack Aimbot, WallHack, Godmode,...


Uploaded on May 24, 2013 by erwinderb6k

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Battlefield 3 Cheats/Hack Features List: Aimbot Auto Wall -- Lock onto players through walls. (Only walls that can be shot through) Vehicle Aimbot -- Aimbot targets and predicts all players and vehicles. No Spread -- Bullets all hit 1 spot, instead of spreading around. Trace All Bones -- If a players, Leg or Arm for example is visible, the aimbot will auto aim at it. Bone -- Choose a bone to aim/shoot at. FOV (Field Of View) -- If you want to look legit, lower it, if you like to "Rage" put it at 360 degrees. Smart Targeting -- The aimbot will auto aim at who ever is the "Highest Threat" and kill them first. Auto Zoom -- You will automatically zoom in. Smooth Aiming -- Their is no "Jerk" like the regular aimbot, this makes you look more Legit. Switch After Kill -- The aimbot will Auto Lock onto another player, after one is killed Aim At Visible Target -- The aimbot will ONLY aim at visible targets, instead aiming through walls. Trajectory Prediction -- The aimbot will predict where the players going based on their velocity and your bullet speed. Bullet Drop -- The bullet drop compensation for the long distance shots. ESP Enemy Warnings -- When someone is Aiming at you, you will be notified. Name -- Displays the name of each player in the room, above their head (Visible through walls) Health -- Able to see the health bar with the number of all players through walls. Bounding Box -- Puts a box around each player in the game (Visible through walls) Making them easier to find. Sphere ESP -- Put "Spheres" around things such as Grenades, RPG's and other things along those lines. Hacks Radar -- Display's enemy's and your teammates, making it easier to find them. Misc Crosshair -- Pick from 4 crosshairs to put in the middle of the screen. (Crosshair is a little X making it easier to aim) Outline Text -- Add outline on hack text. (for example on ESP)

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