What's A Screencast?

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Uploaded on January 24, 2008 by ScreencastCentral


Screencasts are video tutorials which help to demonstrate computer software and applications. They can be short and to the point.. or they can ramble on a bit !

Either way, they are miles better than 'death by PowerPoint' or trying to fathom the manual or even follow a 'dummies guide'


Because it's video. And you can watch the recording of the on-screen activity - see exactly what the presenter clicked on and what popped out!. You can listen to the trainer explaining what they are doing and why.

You can view the whole thing, in the comfort of your home or office so you quickly learn what to do and how to do it and if you still don't 'get-it'..

You can hit pause and rewind.. and watch it again!

No-one's looking over your shoulder.. no need to feel embarassed :-)

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