Pay Per Play - Get Paid For Every Single Visitor To Your Website

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"Pay Per Play" advertising will pay you on 100% of your websites traffic! No clicks necessary! You ...
"Pay Per Play" advertising will pay you on 100% of your websites traffic! No clicks necessary! You dont have to depend on clicks like Adsense, now you can get paid for every single visitor! They will do this by serving a 5 second audio ad once a visitor arrives at your website. The ad is only played once per visit, and best of all, it is related to the content of your website! All you have to do to get paid is sign up, add the javascipt code to your website, and you will get paid! First let me tell you more about Pay Per Play. Its free to join; Pays you for every visitor; Global members are welcome;The ad is only heard. There is nothing to click or see. ; You get paid by check, Paypal, Bank of America, or Well Fargo's....WEEKLY; You can use this with Google ad sense on the same page. It does not break any terms of service of Google;It's a 2-level deep referral system. How much will you get paid? Pay Per Play has set a minimum of $14 per 1,000 plays for advertisers. Thats only minimum! You will get paid 25% of what the advertiser spends and you will also get 5% of what the advertiser spends on your referrals websites and your referral's referrals websites! There are already over 66,000 advertisers on board ready to ply ads on youru site...and over 25,000 publishers! Pay Per Play is currently in BETA and will launch on February 1st! That is when all audio ads start playing and revenue is generated. Pay Per Play has already recieved huge media attention. There are articles on the news and even the Wall Street Journal.(((HERES PROOF:online.wsj****/article/SB120036638439890355.html))). Pay Per Play has also gotten huge interest from political campaings and parties. Big companies like Coca Cola, Nike, Harley Davidson, have noticed that people are spending more time on the internet than t.v so they are now spending some of their advertising money with audio ads online! Dont delay people, if you have a website, Join now at the following link or click on the related link saying "JOIN PAY PER PLAY" Here is the link to sign up: *******tinyurl****/yu8l5z