Xbox 360 Emulator - Working on PC and MAC (Update May 2013)


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Xbox 360 Emulator - Working on PC and MAC [Update May 2013]

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Hey everyone , i made this short tutorial on how to run Xbox Emulator on PC . I played Alan Wake in my video and as you can see the game runs really good on the latest version 3.2.4 of Xbox 360 emulator for PC. I made the video to show you how it runs on my PC as well , its Intel i7 and 6870 Radeon graphic card, Make sure that you have the latest bios and plugins and if you want you can subscribe for updates and i will try to post them once new plugins are released.

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Thanks for watching my video and i hope you like my video tutorial of Xbox 360 emulator for PC, subscribe and i will try to post updates and news for BIOS and plugins.

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