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Mass Effect 3 (c) Electronic Arts

05-03-2012........Release Date Protection..............Origin
Action/RPG...........Game Type Disk(s)..................2 DVD


Not everyone is destined to survive. An ancient alien race known as
the Reapers, the beginning of a global invasion, leaving behind the
ruins of civilizations. The land occupied by the galaxy is on the
brink of destruction, and only you can fix it. Price Errors - oblivion
Your role - Captain Shepard, a character, which are creating yourself
Only you decide how events will unfold, what the world will be
investigated, and who will participate in the alliance, which thou
canst find, once and for all eliminate the threat of the Reapers

Collect a versatile team of professionals or choose a path of a lone
wolf. Attack the enemy from a distance, or come down from him in a
brutal melee. Mass Effect 3 will respond to every decision taken by
you - the story will write itself


A deep linear plot: a fantastic saga with many endings, depending on
your choices and actions during the game

The giant scale of the events you have to fight in a variety of worlds
across the galaxy to assemble a sufficient number of allies and fight
off the earth before it is too late

Vast and cunning enemies: to engage in battle with huge monsters and
small, but extremely clever and nimble reptiles, which make you sweat,
chasing after them

Upgrade your arsenal: improved weapons, setting him on the details that
many times will increase power and efficiency - sights, grips, barrels,
and many other unique modifications. Each type of weapon inflicts
damage to its appearance and has a unique visualization of the shot

You can cause death from a distance or close to within striking
distance: Improve your soldier and his unit to fit your own preferences
in tactics. Huge selection of weapons, abilities and equipment will
fight the enemy in such a way that is comfortable to you personally.

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