Wang Zhi Hai Mi Zong Yan Qing Quan


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Master Wang Zhi Hai performing Mi Zong quan,also known as 'Yan Qing quan 'named after Yan Qing from the novel 'Outlaws of the Marsh'

Mizongquan is an old style dating back to the Song Dynasty. It is characterized by abrupt changes in speed and direction, thus confusing your opponent. This is the primary goal in Mizong, to make your opponent lose his fighting direction and quickly defeat him by taking advantage of his confusion. Mizong has been very popular for a long period of Chinese history even extending beyond China's borders. Yet today Mizong is relatively rare. Part of the reason may be its name which means Lost Track. And that's not just a poetic description because Mizong is well known for its' basic strategic goal: to completely confuse an opponent.

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