2007 Crime Of The Jehovahs Witnesses

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Uploaded on January 28, 2008 by wtcleanup

It nothing unusual if in a large partnership "black sheep" are. There is crime everywhere and always. This view has not the leadership of the Jehovahs Witnesses . They criticize always the other religions and emphasize the difference of the Jehovahs Witnesses of all remaining persons because of the exemplary change. The arrogance to be better, makes Jehovahs Witnesses to a suspicious sect. It is to be supposed that the offenses public become by Jehovahs Witnesses are only a fraction of the crime committed by them, because the Watchtower-direction in many cases with which it is possible to bring an internal regulation favored around "no disgrace on Jehovahs organization", or victim or participant out of shamed be quiet or did not sacrifice its religion membership. Details: www.geocities.com/wtcleanup

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