Future Trunks Destroys Mecha Frieza And King Cold

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Uploaded on January 29, 2008 by jeron06

Trunks Vs Frieza and King Cold

Just when Frieza has been repaired from his fight on Namek with Goku, he arrives on Earth seeking revenge with his father, King Cold. A mysterious young boy stops Frieza and transforms to a Super Saiyan. Frieza has many attempts to kill Trunks but doesn't suceed. Just when he thinks he has destroyed Trunks, Trunks uses Burning attack before slicing Frieza in half, dicing him into pieces and blasting him into dust. Without any mercy, Tunks destroys King Cold after passing him his sword (which we a lot later find out, he gets from Tapion as a child).

Episode 105 - Another Super Saiyan
Episode 106 - Welcome Back Goku

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