Dino Storm Hack 2013 Download

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Hello! Today we create hack for Dino Storm Game. This game is fantastic! Dino Storm Hack is easy in use and 100 % undetected! We have proxy on dino storm hack. If you have problem with download dino storm hack please comment and we can help with download! Don't worry :)

Tutorial what hack dino storm!

Step 1.

Please write your login and name server! And click Connect!


Step 2.

If you connected please write amount of coins and amount of dino dollars! and click HACK!


Sucessful! Your items has added! Please check your account!

We create more updates version if your items not has added, please click update and check this new version! We write in official website http://www.hax4u.org and give links for download!

Dino Storm Hack Features :

thumbs_up Add Dino Dollars

thumbs_up Add Gold Coins

thumbs_up Working on all platforms and versions!

thumbs_up Undetected!

Movie from working dino storm hack :

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