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Uploaded on June 15, 2013 by regordetex7

download file here: http://fileboxau.com/s/download/5656543/x63476/Dragon-City-Hack.zip.html

We proud to release our Dragon City Multihacktool, with this Dragon City Hack you are will be able to generate unlimited Dragon City Gold Silver and gems. It sounds unbelivable I know but you don't know how this was working. It's easy we have found the server IP from the game and found an Leak, this leak can't get fixed trust me! And our tool will connect to an OffshoreFTP Server and start a script from there, this script generate you the choosen amount of Gold,Silver and Gems. You can't get in trouble or get banned because this is an unbannable leak and for your secruity the script is on an extremly anonymous russian webhost. How it works? It's easy only open the Dragon City Hack and be sure you are logged in into Facebook, then in the box right Connect select the browser which you are logged in Facebook, then only click on connect if it works on the status box a " Connected " will appear. Then choose the features you want for example you want 1000 Gold, 5000 Silver and 10 Gems then type it in and be sure you have marked it [ The box on the right of the boxes ]. Then click on generate and the Dragon City Hack will generate you the choosen features. After that you only have to relogg. Enjoy our Dragon City Hack.

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