Sarah Silverman Singing with Matt Damon!!

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The brazilliant Sarah Silverman gave her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, a special present to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of his ABC talk show last night. She made this music video with Matt Damon!You must check it out (above). Also, Matt gets even for all of this jabs at Damon where at the end of the show Kimmel would go "Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time."Here's the background for story from WikiPedia:Comedian Jimmy Kimmel often says: "Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time" near the end of his ABC television show Jimmy Kimmel Live, a gag lampooning instances where shows cannot feature their last guest due to time constraints. On September 12, 2006, after a segment highlighting the running gag and a lengthy introduction by Kimmel, Damon finally appeared on the show, only for Kimmel to apologetically cut his interview and head to credits, as Damon cursed him. Kimmel later confirmed to USA Weekend that the skit was entirely planned and Damon willingly played along. Kimmel's girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman, also used this line at the end of the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.This gag was also used again when Guillermo interviewed Damon at the Ocean's 13 premiere, with Damon asking "Are you with Kimmel?" Silverman also aired a clip of her singing a song entitled "I'm f***king Matt Damon" on January 31, 2008 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Damon appears in the song with Silverman and at the end when she is apologizing to Jimmy, Damon interrupts her saying, "Jimmy, we're out of time. Sorry."[Matt Damon,

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