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What's New in Version 4.53

This update brings an exciting new battle spell, Japanese language support and more!

High Level Magic
- Freeze Spell: freeze enemy turrets and ground troops solid! While frozen, defensive structures will be disabled and troops immobilized
- Master the arcane arts with level 5 Spell Factory
- Let the sparks fly with level 6 Lightning Spell
- Cure the most grievous damage with level 6 Heal Spell

Advanced Warfare
- Crush your enemies with P.E.K.K.A level 4
- Upgrade the Cannon to level 12 for awesome firepower
- Make your village perimeter near-impenetrable with level 11 Walls
- Clear your airspace with an additional Air Bomb and a Seeking Air Mine
- Turn on the heat with a second Inferno Tower
- Turn your foes into pincushions with a third X-Bow
- Upgrade your Army Camps to level 8, and muster a truly epic fighting force!

Interface improvements
- Japanese language setting now available
- Added speed up option to next Clan Castle troop request
- Players can now attach a custom message to a clan troop request
- Performance was increased with multiple optimizations
- Text sharpness improved
- Battle will not end automatically if player has unused Clan Castle troops or Lightning Spells
- Improved profanity filter for many languages

Balance tweaks
- Heal spell is now more effective (all levels)
- Dark Elixir Storage has increased hitpoints
- Jump Spell now affects all troop types even at level 1
- Level 2 Jump Spell duration doubled
- Player level cap increased to 300

Also many small bug fixes and tweaks!

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