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World War Z (2013) FULL MOVIE
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Watch World War Z Online Advanced word said World War Z – based on Max Brooks’s book about a worldwide zombie apocalypse – was the walking dead. It was over-long, over-budget. It needed several rewrites and seven weeks of reshoots to make any sense. This was the giant zombie turkey, come screeching from the shadows to tear the careers of director Marc Forster and producer/star Brad Pitt to shreds.

Yet, while some of World War Z is rotten, the whole stands as a punchy, if conventional action thriller. Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a UN inspector chosen to investigate the source of a viral outbreak that has quickly, mercilessly zombified 3 billion people. His search for Patient Zero will take him from New York to South Korea to Jerusalem (you can see how the budget clocked up) to – finally – Wales, the little country that could in the war against the undead. It’s a bleak, serious travelogue of humanity on the turn. Zero Dark Thirty for z-heads.

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