Edison Chen Gillian Chung Cecilia Cheung Scandal Video


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Exclusive Hot Video at http://www.videokl.com Hong Kong's super starz Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung and Edison Chen Sex Scandal Photos Unsensored is the Biggest Story Of The Year 2008 All of them have deny act in those pictures. SO all of this picture must me their twins.... But some expert said the opposite.. Here are some quote from photoshop expert about Edison Chen-Gillian Chung-Bobo Chang pictures. 1. the color hue and saturation for both persons are the same, proves that they are taken under the same lighting condition. besides, there are a few pictures of the same series with the same lighting, it is extremely difficult for someone to fake a few pictures of the same lighting even with the best skills. 99% real anyway, other photoshop experts from china /taiwan/hk believe the pictures are real from their experience too. Does this means those Cecilia Cheung Edison Chen Gillian Chung Bobo all lies? for more Hot Scandal Sexy Video at www.videokl.com
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