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The Qasida Burda ("Poem of the Mantle") is one of the most famous poems in the qasida form. It is was written in Arabic by the Egyptian Sufi scholar Imam Sharafuddin al-Busiri (d. 1296). It is recited by Muslims throughout the Muslim world, from Senegal to Indonesia.
He composed the Burda while suffering from a stroke which had paralysed half of his body. After praying to Allah Sub'hanahu wa Ta'ala to heal him, he fell asleep and in his dream he saw Holy Prophet PBUH .In arab it is common that whenever someone praiseworthy or guest come they stand up .Imam Busiri said that he cannot stand cause he had his half body paralyzed upon that PBUH touched the paralysed part of his body and threw his mantle (Burda) over him and he recited this qaseeda and when he woke up he was cured.

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