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Paper lottery systems for Pick 3 and Cash 4, as well as new premium systems we make available. Being connected tothe 999 Players Club newsletter assures that you will receive free updates on any Systems you purchase as they aredeveloped. A set of specific combinations to watch for in your Pick 4 Drawing. A specific set of just 20combinations (or less) to play when you see any of the “trigger” combinations fall, and An increased probabilitythat you will have the winning combination when it surfaces in your state within 1-21 days. Using the system is aseasy as one, two, three. You need just three things to help you succeed. 1) The power to observe that a triggercombnation has come out in your state's Pick 4 Lottery Game; 2) The resources to play a set of 14-20 numbers thatare associated with that trigger combination during a specified time period; and 3) The wisdom to decide how tospend (or save) your winnings to meet your particular freedom goals. Take a look of 999 Book of Numbers Publicationshere. Features SBIP999's exclusive Pick 3 and Cash 4 Lottery Systems and Strategies. When you need a little helppredicting the next draw. 2013 Monthly Lottery Predictions for Pick 3 Win 3 Big 3 Cash 3 Daily 3: Calendar-BasedLottery Predictions for Use in Non-Computerized Mechanical Ball State Lottery Drawings. SBIP999's MM-2Z LotterySystem: Slaying Straights in the Pick 3 Cash 3 Daily 3 Play 3 and Win 3 State Lottery Games. 2013 Monthly LotteryPredictions for Pick 4 Win 4 Big 4 Cash 4 Daily 4. 999 Pick 3 Lottery Players Club Volume 1: Featuring M1G-GT9 andGT9 Difference Lottery Strategies. 999 Pick 3 Lottery Players Club Volume 2: Featuring "Polar MPA Pair Stretch" and"GT9 Zero Pair Predictor" Lottery Strategies. 999 Pick 3 Pair Manifesto: 100 End Digit Pairs and Three DigitFollowers for Pick 3 Lottery Games. Predicting Triples and Quads in the Pick 4 Cash 4 Lottery Games: For Use withNon Computerized State Drawings.

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