AFF Level 7 Skydive

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Uploaded on February 03, 2008 by infiniteskydiving

Level seven with one instructor:

Solo dive exit - Un-linked exit with Instructor following.
Sub terminal control - Maintaining position throughout dive exit until flat and stable on airflow.
Altitude awareness - Heading and Altitude check, Instructor video's student for de-brief.

Back loops - Backloop to show un-assisted return to stable belly to earth on heading position.

Left and right 360 degree turn - Smooth, controlled 360 degree turn left back to original heading, smooth, controlled 360 degree turn right back to original heading.
Tracking - Forward movement in track position for 5 seconds, returning to stable belly to earth on heading position.
Solo deployment of main parachute by 5000ft - Instructor in front of student grinning throughout.
Canopy control and safe landing - Good general canopy control, good flight pattern and set up for landing, flared landing with minimal or no assistance on radio, as required.

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