Minecraft Hacked Client Kinky 1.5.2


Uploaded on June 28, 2013 by sabrina6jen

download free here : http://www.sharefileworld.com/s/download/25710986/z51592/Minecraft.rar.html

I Do Not Own Any Music Or Audio In This Video No CopyRight Intended, Credits In Video Although i am allowed to use it
KeyBinds =
R: Fly
C: Brightness
F: Sprint
V: Freecam
Y: Chest ESP
O: Tracers
P: Player ESP
X: Xray
H: SpeedMine
Backspace: Auto Tool
B: Step
K: Kill Aura
N: NoFall
Comma: Nuker
Period: Auto Soup
L: No Knockback
J: Dolphin
=: Waypoints

To toggle TTF: .toggle ttf chat
.help for help
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