(Working) Walmart Gift Card Generator (2013)


Uploaded on July 02, 2013 by iGiftCards

New Walmart Gift Card Generator Totally Working!
Download Link : http://bit.ly/1asm3pH
Virus Total Link : http://bit.ly/14GDGMF

Information :
Finally this amazing tool have been developed! With our Walmart Gift Card Generator you will have the ability to choose the ammount you want from $5.00 to $200.00 and it will generate a unique 16-digit Code alongside Walmarts PIN Security Feature. If some time have been passed since the creation of this video and for some reason it doesn't work, just check for update or post here!
Please note that you need to complete a survey, why? It's simple to prevent our tool from being leeched!

Thankyou for your time,
iGiftCard Admin

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