21st CenturY (Earth Girls) BeOmega [18+]

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Uploaded on February 16, 2008 by LotusOcean

Travelling through this galaxy
There are many sights to see
Travelling through this galaxy
We Stumble upon blue planet 3

and what do we find ...

Earth Girls Flashing their Curves Around X 2

You don't hesitate at all
When it comes to baring it all
but when you open your mouth to speak
Lack of grace is plain to see

21st Centuree-e-e

I could tell right from your eyes
they were wanting to Hypnotize
The gulf between the fools & the wise
Gno you this
Its on the rise
But it comes as no surprise

coz its

21st centuree-e-e
How much more mindless do you want to Be ?

After all is done & said
I know you are Bored out of your Head
All the lies you have been fed
You can always come to me instead

Earth Girls ...
21st Centuree-e-e


An Original Performed by BeOmega

Alternative, World, Pop, Rock, Guitar, 21stcentury, Aliens, 2012, Earth, Girls, Curves, Controversial Titles
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