350mW 'TITAN' Laser From Tech Lasers

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Uploaded on February 24, 2008 by kolodejus

The new TiTAN laser from www.techlasers.com undergoing a full powered test last night with a couple of large plasmas in the background. Observe how the slight fog in the room from an inexpensive fogger intensifies the beam yet the beam is invisible when it passes through the sterile interior of the Plasma container. The TITAN puts out a whopping 350mW+ of green 532nm laser light and is considered to be the same as the 'Hercules' laser. This portable laser utilizes three D-Cell batteries and has 4 safety features including a safety key interlock and a beam-blocker.

I wish to point out the fact that even setting this laser up for the camera required the use of properly rated laser safety glasses (from www.wickedlasers.com ) to prevent any accidents with so many reflective surfaces. Such a reflection could easily damage eyes.

For preview pictures, visit my webpage on the TITAN here:

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