Backsault- Salto Mortal in Capoeira

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Capoeira Acrobatics is spontaneous, agile and sometimes mysterious, I remember watching countless amounts o...
Capoeira Acrobatics is spontaneous, agile and sometimes mysterious, I remember watching countless amounts of videos, searching the world for new tricks, different movements. The more I have experimented and tried different movements the more I have come to realise three things: 1. It is always better to have an instructor who understands the movement to go through it with you. 2. You should always try and build up the necessary areas of the body that are needed for that type of movement BEFORE you attempt to do it. 3. The movement should be broken down into certain steps, and it is these steps that should be practiced seperately before putting it together. Remember, this movement is only from what I have experienced and learnt through my journey of capoeira, you should always listen to your instructor first and follow their instruction. Many styles have many in-depth reasons for doing things a particular way, so it is always my recommendation with everything you do, to follow your instructor. I have written down a few notes on the observations that I have found over the years of practicing them. 1. Observe how far I throw my arms back and also the amount I bend in the knees. The knees do not need to bend that much at the start of the jump, as I want to pop it up instead of push it up. The arms go back far to help build the momentum as I swing them hard and up. 2. as I come up I do not want to bend my back. Rather, I come up as high as I can and use my hips and knees that pull towards my chest to gain the rotation. The arms come up as high as possible and then I rotate them around to grab the legs. 3. I tuck the knees a little to the side so that they do not go towards my face rather over my shoulders a little. As I rotate and am coming down I try to look up and shoot my hands out forward so that I can keep my head and focus up towards the horizon instead of down towards the ground. 4. Watch the sault carefully, I split it into three stages, the jump, the rotation and the landing. I try and practice these stages separately, before I try doing it (using other exercises. When I first started the sault I had someone to help spot me using a gymnastics technique to spot. Lots of matts as well. 5. When I do it out of a round off, I try and pop out of the round off so my body is already upright and my arms are at least shoulder height if not higher, my knees hardly bend when jump off the ground and use more the ankles to pop up. 6. Backsaults are scary, and dangerous without the proper training and teacher. So pick both wisely before thinking about attempting one.