We're Going Streaking! - Old School (3/9) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

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Old School Movie Clip - watch all clips *******j.mp/x2HkpO click to subscribe *******j.mp/sNDUs5 Frank the...
Old School Movie Clip - watch all clips *******j.mp/x2HkpO click to subscribe *******j.mp/sNDUs5 Frank the Tank (WIll Ferrell) decides to go streaking through town. TM & © Dreamworks (2012) Cast: Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Leah Remini, Perrey Reeves, Snoop Dogg Director: Todd Phillips MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: *******j.mp/vqieFG Join our Facebook page: *******j.mp/tb8OMH Follow us on Twitter: *******j.mp/rZzGsm Buy Movie: *******amzn.to/rXLmWY Producer: Paul Deason, Daniel Goldberg, Joe Medjuck, Todd Phillips, Tom Pollock, Ivan Reitman Screenwriter: Court Crandall, Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong Film Description: Three men relive their carefree college years by killing off as many brain cells as possible in this over-the-top comedy. Mitch (Luke Wilson) returns home from a less-than-pleasant business trip one evening to discover his wife, Heidi (Juliette Lewis), involved in a ménage à trois with two blindfolded strangers. Feeling less than welcome at home after this, Mitch rents a house near the campus of a nearby college; two of Mitch's old college buddies, Beanie (Vince Vaughn) and Frank (Will Ferrell), stop by to cheer him up. They soon become regular guests at Mitch's place, despite the fact that Frank only recently wed Marissa (Perrey Reeves), while Beanie and his wife, Lara (Leah Remini), are busy with two kids. Beanie decides to throw a housewarming party for Mitch, and since Beanie sells audio equipment for a living, he's able to trick out the big bash with a massive PA system and an appearance by Snoop Dogg. Mitch soon finds he's the not-entirely-willing proprietor of the school's leading party spot, which raises the ire of Pritchard (Jeremy Piven), a dean at the college who was the target of Mitch, Frank, and Beanie's abuse when they were all students. Pritchard arranges to have Mitch's neighborhood zoned into a student housing district, but Beanie and Frank respond by forming a fraternity and making Mitch's home their headquarters. Mitch, however, is not enthusiastic about the idea, especially as he's trying to impress Nicole (Ellen Pompeo), a beautiful divorcee who is less than enchanted with Frank and Beanie's "party hearty" lifestyle. Old School director Todd Phillips knows more than a bit about the seamy side of fraternity life as director of the infamous unreleased documentary Frat House. "old school","old school clip","old school rap","old school hip hop","will ferrell","vince vaughn","snoop dogg","perrey reeves","leah remini","microphone videos",comedy,"late night comedies","slapstick comedies","ivan reitman","joe medjuck","tom pollock","todd phillips","paul deason","daniel goldberg","embarrassment videos","car videos","party videos","street videos",himself,"frank ricard","movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V+++280299,/m/018grr,/m/0315q3,/m/03xb4v,/m/0f7mpp,/m/01vw8mh