African Animals on Google Earth

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Uploaded on February 28, 2008 by wilhelmus

Enjoy a short trip over Africa and see Elephants, Hippo's, Buffalo's, Camels, Flamingo's, Seals and Gazelle's in great detail. You even see an African fishing boat near the Flamingo's. You hear some nice free African Music during your short flight.

If you want to visit the animals on Google Earth after your trip, here are the coordinates:

Elephants: 10°54'13.66" N 19°56'06.15" E
Hippo's: 6°54'00.10" S 31°11'11.67" E
Buffalo's: 4°17'21.49" S 31°23'46.46" E
Camels: 15°17'40.32" N 20°28'47.42" E
Flamingo's: 21°50'36.15" S 35°27'00.60" E
Seals: 18°26'45.45" S 12°00'44.20" E
Gazelle's: 24°57'18.60" S 15°51'30.61" E

More copyright free African music can be downloaded from

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