Stop That BUZZING from Speakers Because of Your Cell Phone

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Uploaded on March 02, 2008 by LSKENGR407

Here's a quick and easy solution to that extremely annoying buzzing sound as a result of having your cell phone anywhere near your speakers. You know that ..."buzzz buzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzz" that happens every time you get a phone call, text message, or just at some random times. Makes you want to throw your phone!

This is known to happen to users of Cingular/ AT&T and even Bell South/ Rogers with phones like the Razr, Tilt, iPhone, samsung blackjack, blackberry, treo, nokia, motorola phones, anything with an internal antenna. Even a greater occurrence is found on the east coast where the 850Mhz band is used frequently. Currently, there is no way to change the band that your phone uses from the phone itself.

This doesn't cause any problems with the quality of the reception from our tests. We were able to make and receive phones calls and had no buzzing from any of the surrounding speakers!

Let us know if you find a better way or discover something as a result of this video.

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