Meet Joe Black (1/10) Movie CLIP - Lightning Could Strike (1998) HD

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Meet Joe Black Movie Clip - watch all clips ******* click to subscribe ******* Parri...
Meet Joe Black Movie Clip - watch all clips ******* click to subscribe ******* Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) encourages his hesitant daughter Susan (Claire Forlani) to be open to finding real love. TM & © Universal (2012) Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Tambor, Jake Weber, Claire Forlani Director: Martin Brest MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: ******* Join our Facebook page: ******* Follow us on Twitter: ******* Buy Movie: ******* Producer: Martin Brest, Celia D. Costas, Ronald L. Schwary, David J. Wally Screenwriter: Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno, Kevin Wade, Bo Goldman, Alberto Casella, Walter Ferris, Maxwell Anderson, Gladys Lehman Film Description: The cycle of life on Earth hangs in the balance when Death becomes emotionally involved in this romantic fantasy. William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) is a tremendously wealthy and powerful man who oversees a worldwide multi-media empire. Despite the loss of his wife, whom he dearly loved, William is content with his life, and he's very close to his two daughters, Allison (Marcia Gay Harden) and Susan (Claire Forlaini). One night, as William is fighting a hostile takeover of his company and Allison is planning an elaborate party to celebrate her dad's 65th birthday, William begins displaying the symptoms of a severe heart attack, and he is visited by a mysterious stranger, Joe Black (Brad Pitt). Joe is actually the angel of death, who has taken the form of a man who recently passed on to pay William a call. It seems that William is due to move on to the next world, but (no great surprise) he doesn't want to go. Joe, on the other hand, is curious to know what life is like for mere mortals, so the two men strike a deal -- William will have some time to get his affairs in order, and Joe will wait and see what it's like to be a human being. Joe decides that he likes it very much when he falls in love with Susan, but negotiating the slippery slopes of romance is no easier for Joe than for any ordinary man. Meet Joe Black is an updated version of Alberto Casella's play Death Takes a Holiday, which was adapted for the screen in 1934. "meet joe black","meet joe black clip","meet joe black trailer","meet joe black soundtrack","meet joe black part 1 of 14","anthony hopkins","jeffrey tambor","claire forlani","jake weber","romantic dramas",drama,fantasy,romance,"sci-fi fantasy","celia d costas","ronald l schwary","martin brest","david j wally","choice videos","love videos","airplane videos",drew,"susan parrish","william parrish",quince,"movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V+++158858,/m/0z4s,/m/02r_d4,/m/0570y0,/m/01x72k