Skuff TV Episode 10


Uploaded on March 03, 2008 by wwwskufftv

Kick back as we take our hats off to Mick Fanning, the first Aussie surfer in 8 years to take out the WCT!
We also head to Teahupoo for the latest entries in the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards - crew taking on 6m mega bombs!
In Muzik; we cop an earful of the music behind the carnage with Beerfridge Records' 3 Days Later - but not before Sticko, our resident video-slayer, puts the lads' latest DVD Beerfridge 8 under the microscope.
And we round out with a good old fashioned mid-sea beating with Get Skuffed's guide to what NOT to do at Pipe - first lesson; droppin' in on pro-surfer Nathan Fletcher.

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