Canon A720 Powershot

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Uploaded on March 04, 2008 by canonsd950

Now you can scale the image up a bit. Just grab the corner of the image on the
Composition tab, and size it up so that the hotel image fills the frame more but
the building at the base is hidden off-screen. Remember that you can click the
corner of the image and then hold the Shift key to constrain the image proportions.
Once it’s scaled up about 20 percent (watch the value on the Timeline
tab), click and drag it into a position similar to Figure 8.21.
Figure 8.21 Scale the OmniHotel.png image up to about 20 percent, and
then position it to fill the left of the frame.
Save your work! Click the Project tab, and select the WaterTower.png image.
Drag it onto the composition as you’ve done with the other images.
Down on the Timeline tab, expand the WaterTower.png listing, and then expand
the Transform effects. Select Scale, and then click and drag the numeric values to
scale the image down to about 20 percent.

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