How to Make an Electric Helicopter Training/Test Stand-PART 1


Uploaded on March 05, 2008 by Night Flyer

Frustrated and tired of crashing? Here is a simple training/test stand you can build. I designed this to help folks learn the sensitivity of the controls of an RC helicopter. This stand may give you a little better chance at seeing and feeling what your helicopter will do, before you go fly it. Using this stand, you can adjust your gyro, your cyclic controls and trims. If you can keep it level on the stand, you will have a much better chance at succeeding when you go out to fly it on your own. Try to mount your heli as close to the center of gravity on the stand and the trims will remain close. The tail rotor will remain trimmed on or off the stand.
Nothing is perfect and this isn't either. I am sure others will copy it, as Free Enterprise goes, but at least this may give you a fighting chance to feel what your heli will do when you decide to fly it outside. You can make it yourself or if there is enough interest, I may make some available. Note: ETRM helis do not have enough power to lift it much, however it still is a good way to practice direction, tail rotor control and keeping it level. Hope this helps and thanks for watching.

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