Visual Biomimetic Architecture - Coral Reefs

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Uploaded on March 12, 2008 by lior vaknin

By looking at biological and botanical life for ideas that can be exported to architecture – branching, membranes, photosynthesis, ieaf phyllotaxis, aesthetics, etc – an agenda of design concepts may be proposed that simulates desirable properties found in nature for deployment in building. Material scientists are using biomimetic investigations, where researchers look to natural forms of life and organic elements-shells, fish , bacteria , plants , animals , spiders , etc.- for properties such as hardness, lightness , strength , softness , stickiness , etc. to extract new materials and new ways of manufacturing. My project uses some of the tactics involved in biomimetics for application to architecture and applies the extrapolated observations to software growth. The project is conceptual and theoretical yet physically buildable: digital and physical models, animations, and STL models are part of the resulting project.

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