NejiTen Heaven


Uploaded on March 12, 2008 by lik kit

Yeah yeah, I know it's been awhile.
But hey, I got it done!

Yeah, it's not so good...I'm just too lazy!
I really hope you enjoy it.
Cause I had a lot of fun making this AmV. ^^
(Not my best.)

Oh yeah! Turn your speakers up if you want to hear the Credits Song.
It's so beautiful! ^^

EDIT 7/23/07: Hehe, haven't heard from me in a while huh?

Thanks so much guys for all the comments and everything but I decided to quit AMVs D:

Hopefully you'll see my return someday using a brand new program.

If you were wondering what I've been using for these videos..I have and always been using the basic Windows Movie Maker.

Thank you once again for the favorites. I can't believe they got so far!! :D
My new account is now SettleFlow.[FragileFrangrance was abandoned because I forgot my Email and pw for it]
If you have any questions, please contact me there. I yet have no videos but please be patient. [For a couple of years xD]

But now I bid the CraZyCheeZe account adieu.
This will honestly be the last time you hear from me on this account.

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