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Uploaded on March 12, 2008 by JakobLemyZook

Trance of the Monarch Butterfly. Wiles Brothers Clan in the Mysterious Fog with guest vocal's by Jakob Lemy Zook - Heavy Metal Bluegrass Psychobilly Song from the "Mysterious Fog DVD/CD," about experimentation in mind control and the atrocities that took place at the Harrisburg State Mental Institution in the tunnels under the building before it was shut down. It was recently shut down after 100 years and there is a coverup going on. The movie, "Girl Interupted was filmed there. The actress Wyonna Ryder was never the same mentally after visiting and filming scenes there. She was experimented on "without" her knowledge under the influence of the nortorious trance drug "Shocking Blue," a derivative from the South American, so called nightshade plant "Burundanga." This powerful trance drug extract which can be blown or sprayed into your face from a spray can produces a state of mind where you are "asleep and awake" at the same time. After a trancing incident you will have no memory of anything that you did or ever took place while under it's influence. The drug "Shocking Blue," was developed by the chemist of the 200 year old family operated trance porno clan known as "The Martian Werewolf Clan. They used to trance African slaves and bring them to America. But, after the Civil war, they started trancing people for pornography films sold in the black underground porno market and in mainly Amsterdam. The Wiles Brothers Clan is a Heavy Metal Bluegrass Pyschobilly band along the Mason Dixon Line region near the Experimental Trance Mind Control Warfare Zone. Close to the nearby Aberdeen Military Proving Grounds. Video was shot at the experimental Mind Fields in Harrisburg and Lancaster, York, Pa. York County is sometimes referred to as "HEX COUNTY, Pennsyl-Transylvania" named after the famous witch murder trial of John Reymeyer which took place in Reymeyer's Hollow in the 1920's. Currently there is another rumor going around in this area that the recent horrifying Amish school slayings was the result of mind control. Burundanga creates sexual arousal, victims eyes are wide open, trance-like, you are wide awake and asleep at the same time (you think you are dreaming when in fact it is real) and all who is under the influence will listen to all commands and obey and act without question, then awakening from the trance without memory of an incident - a condition called Retrograde Amensia.

They took him to the House of Pain
Little Boy Flyin over the Moon
He's been there most of his life now
Cause they say he's a looney tune
Along with his mother
12 Uncles made to lick the spoon
It's trance control from a singing Haarp along the Mason Dixon Homeland Line

In the House Of Pain
Made to lick the spoon
Open wide down the hatch

Joe Mengela in Lancaster
Sips on a fountain of youth
His German sons live there too
Yea, Lemy wanna tell you that's the truth
along with Doctor Adolf
Their punchin holes lobotomizing minds
it's trance control froma a singin Haarp
Along the Mason Dixon Homeland Line

In the House of Pain
Made to lick the spoon
Open wide down the hatch

From the Burundanga Plant
Comes Mummy known as Shocking Blue
Dracula, Mad Doctors, CIA and the Military too
Tells Tommy that he's nuts
While their rippin out his soul
From all this White Coat stuff
Tommy's turning into a Ghoul.

In the House of Pain
Made to lick the spoon
Open wide down the hatch

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