NejiTen - Hana Kagari


Uploaded on March 12, 2008 by lik kit

PLEASE READ! You'll get muffins if you do. 8D


This is dedicated to: BoriquaBoy415 [on YouTube]. I -was- supposed to make his request on a NaruSaku AMV... BUT I LACK OF CLIPS. D: // So I just did an AMV with his OTP, NejiTen.

If you think this is another one of those AMVs with Japanese songs that don't match the lyrics... Well, you're actually wrong. 8D // I matched the lyrics to the English translation. // Here's the english translation: The speech on 3:34 - 3:39, was -not- said by Tenten. It was said by Rika Furude [who has the seiyuu/VA as Tenten] in Higurashi-Kai episode 6. And also the clip in 3:40 is from Higurashi-Kai Opening. 8D

You guys would realize as to why on earth I used lack of effects at the end... Since I kinda felt lazy and wanted to finish the AMV, quickly... XD

Enjoy guys, I worked hard on this AMV.


Neji, Tenten (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Higurashi-Kai (c) 07th Expansion

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