HandsFree Thai Massage: The Commoner Style (Trailer)

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Uploaded on March 15, 2008 by thaibodywork

A short trailer for the 132-minute Thai Bodywork HandsFree Thai DVD (available March 1, 2007), which shows a unique 2+hour Thai massage sequence designed by Chuck Duff, using feet, knees and lower body. No prior knowledge is assumed. This sequence in the Northern style, also taught as a 4-day, 32-hour NCBTMB-approved course at Thai Bodywork, collects over 120 traditional techniques and is designed for therapists whose hands hurt, or who work on heavier and more muscular clients. Athletes are ideal and enthusiastic recipients for this work.

Chuck Duff's highly regarded teaching style emphasizes proper alignment, positioning, body mechanics, and working with core energy rather than muscle strength. Through mindful repetition, the student is guided into learning the concepts of effortless application. Chuck's background in yoga, martial arts and therapeutic bodywork gives him a unique and powerful framework for teaching efficient full-body movement.

The Thai Bodywork DVD series covers all aspects of traditional Thai massage, from beginner to expert. The series catalog is available at www.thaimassageschool.net, along with a complete list of Thai massage certification courses taught at our studio in Chicago, IL and other cities.

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