David Beckham Surprises Local Footballers in Sierra Leone

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Uploaded on March 17, 2008 by karmavisiontv

The most spontaneous move on David Beckham's unannounced visit to Sierra Leone was an improvised stop at a roadside pitch for a game of football in Freetown. We were driving past the pitch on our way to the hotel, when Beckham noticed the game in progress and had the vehicles circle back. We parked on the side of the road and walked down a dirt path to the pitch. The players were completely caught off guard. what began with a polite hand-shake quickly turned into a frenzy as they realized one of the game's most recognizable stars was standing among them. It wasn't enough just to shake his hand. They had to rub his head, touch his tattoos� As for the game itself, Beckham took it easy. At one point, he took off his UNICEF t-shirt and gave it to one of the locals. This particular day was hot and dusty, but everybody was having a great time. Even though many areas in Freetown lack electricity, there was no shortage of mobile phones. So by the time the game ended, word had spread that Beckham was in town ñ shirtless no less. He posed for pictures, shook more hands, and fought his way back to the vehicles. A memorable day for everyone, David Beckham included

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