The Head Tilter


Uploaded on March 21, 2008 by abduncafe

My son has always been such a good boy whenever he's in his car seat. Sometimes, even the way he's slumped in that seat, or how he moves his leg (or both legs around, tickles me. At other times, the way he looks at his surroundings makes him look so much matured than his age. I've always wanted a chance to record a video on him, trying so hard to look at me while I was driving, to the extend that he'd turn his head around and tilt it forward/sideways. In other words, his head would be about 45 degrees to his neck. Well, it's kind'a hard to describe it, really. Just take a look at this video where my wish to record such an act came true, then you'd
understand. This is what he'd do occasionally whether in the car, while eating, when we are singing nursery rhymes to him, while he was playing or before going to sleep. Everytime he does that, he looks really cute and cheeky, I AM JUST SOOOO PROUD OF HIM!!!!

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