Andrew Winton Playing His Best Acoustic Guitar Solo

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Uploaded on March 23, 2008 by ellisguitars
“The first thing you should know about Andrew Winton is that he’s a seriously good guitarist… In company with some of Australia’s finest singer-songwriters, most notably Jeff Lang, Winton uses a blues base for many of his creations, slipping into jazz grooves, even gospel mode, here and there.” - Rhythms Magazine

Award winning musician Andrew is an independent solo artist based in Perth, Western Australia.
He combines acoustic guitar, lap slide, dobro and seven-string lap guitar/bass (the Wintonbeast), with hollers and stomps to provide an engaging and authentic performance. He plays original music with blues, roots, folk, gospel & jazz influences. Andrew’s sound has been likened to a cross between Ben Harper, Sting, Kelly-Joe Phelps and Harry Manx. His performances are driven by infectious rhythms, stunning slide, bluesy vocals, quirky lyrics and storytelling.

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